Cleaner Cookstoves

Cleaner Stoves save lives and the environment

Rotary with its International focus can be a leader in this endeavour.

Start your own Rotary Club Cleaner Cook Stoves initiative or environmental group with Cleaner Cook Stoves focus. Collaboration opportunities and advice available.


We are committee of Rotarians and experts through ESRAG that are proposing to build Cleaner Stoves in Developing Countries to replace the 3 billion open fire stoves.

The environmental and health benefits are impactful. We have personal experience doing so in the countries where we work Internationally, are willing to share our expertise and encourage other clubs to engage in this solution.

Our group has done mission work in Uganda Africa and Central America for several years and have the expertise and infrastructure to both do and provide experience and knowledge for other Rotary Clubs and groups to take part in building cleaner cook stoves.
The pollution from the 3 billion open fire stove is more than all the cars in the world and the risk to families results in millions of deaths and health related problems.

A cleaner cook stove can reduce the carbon foot print by more than 50% as a solution to global warming and provide health and other benefits to help solve the problem of social injustice and inequality in developing countries.
We will present to any group and provide guidance for groups wishing to start their own project. Most Rotary Clubs have an International focus ideal for starting such a project and scaling up the initiative in a developing country.

We would love to explore how your Club or District can make a difference by getting involved with one of our Cleaner Cookstoves projects, or perhaps you’d like to join our Task Force team. 

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We meet monthly as a taskforce team to develop the systems and projects. We are part of the ESRAG Drawdown family of Solutions Taskforces.

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We are always looking for people like you wanting to make a real difference to our environment.

Cleaner Cookstoves is one of the best ways to reduce Greenhouse Gases and improve the respiratory health and well being of billions

Maya Smeulders: mayasmeulders@hotmail.com
David Knoppert: davidknoppert@sympatico.ca
Doug Thompson: douglas.john186681@gmail.com

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