ESRAG’s promotes environmental sustainability, awareness of
climate change, and actions to reduce greenhouse gas
emissions to mitigate climate disruption.

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General Operations

Donations to General Operations also may be used for education services and incentives for environmental sustainability projects.

ESRAG Projects

Donations to help ESRAG initiate environmental  projects

Carbon Offset Project

As Rotarians Connecting the World, we travel a lot, much of it by air. Travel by air emits lots of carbon that has an increased warming effect of emissions at higher altitudes. You can compensate for the carbon footprint of your air travel by estimating your emissions and donating the cost of the reducing a comparable amount of carbon to ESRAG’s Carbon Offset Project Seed Fund.

In addition, if you know how many tons of carbon you would like to offset, this form allows you to offset your carbon based on your choice of offset levels.

We use the collected funds to support worthy offset projects with Rotary involvement with four broad themes: (i) land use, reforestation and carbon sequestration; (ii) renewable energy and energy efficiency; (iii) regenerative agriculture; (iv) CFC (Freon) collection and destruction.

RI The Environment Area of Focus

The Rotary Foundation is now accepting donations designated to “Protecting the Environment”. Go to https://my.rotary.org/en/donate, Look for Areas of Focus, and click on the tab to donate to “The Environment.”

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The Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group is registered with the US Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)3 organization. Our Federal ID Number is 81-4245059.  If you would like to mail us a check rather than using a credit card, please indicate the type of donation and mail to  the following address:

Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group
c/o Lawrence Hands, Treasurer,
404 S Blount St., Unit 101
Madison, WI  53703
United States

Offset your Flight Carbon through ESRAG’s Pilot Carbon offsetting program.  

Flight Carbon Offset Calculator


  1. Input the flight time of your trip, based on your best estimate. (methodology explained)
  2. Click whether the trip is Round trip or One way
  3. List the number of people you wish to offset carbon emissions for this trip (include spouse and children traveling with you)
  4. Choose the seat class for your airfare. If you fly business or first class, you use more of the aircraft’s space, so your seat is responsible a larger percentage of the total emissions of the aircraft.
  5. Choose the Basic rate or the Premium rate for your offset. Airlines typically charge around $10/tonne for their offsets. Trading systems put a price of about $30/tonne.
  6. See the Offset Donation suggested by calculations
  7. Type in the amount that you desire to offset in the next field (numbers only), and press the “Submit” button to continue
  8. Use your credit or debit card to make the payment to ESRAG.
  9. Receive your carbon offset certificate for you to print in an email showing that your payment was accepted.

All contributions to the ESRAG Carbon Offset Seed Fund are tax deductible for US taxpayers to the extent allowed under law.

Other ways to take
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