Understand Climate Change with En-ROADS

En-ROADS is an online tool developed by MIT and Climate Interactive that simulates the impact of climate policy changes and helps the user understand what steps will impact emission reductions.


This ESRAG work is directed at Climate Change education. The EnROADS tool is wonderful starting point for understanding the sources of emissions, the impact these emissions have on climate, and what steps can be taken to reduce emissions and have a positive impact on the our climate.

The Goal of the EnROADS team is educational. We leverage the insights of EnROADS to help Rotarians understand where what impact different actions have on the reduction of Green House Gas emissions.

Understanding what impact green house gas emissions have on climate is complicated. The En-ROADS tool simplifies this complicated topic. It helps one understand where emissions come from and what steps are available to reduce emissions based on scienctific and economic research. 


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