Cleaning the Rio Grande

Cleaning the Rio Grande

Title: The Initiative of Cleaning the Río Grande (El Río Bravo)

The multi-district project (D4110-D4130 in Mexico & D5470, D5520, D5840, D5930 in USA), “The Initiative of Cleaning the Río Grande (El Río Bravo)” began in July 2020. The Rio Grande River, which begins in the mountains of San Juan de Colorado Rio Bravo, serves as the international boundary between Mexico and the United States, before it flows into the Gulf of Mexico. The river runs through multiple cities along the border, with a length of 1885 miles (3050 km), in some places 59′ deep. The watershed covers 182,200 square miles (472,000 km2)

As the river flows from its origins in Colorado down through the Mexico-US border, the levels of pollution and garbage accumulation grow. All these foreign and toxic materials that end up in the river, eventually find their way to the Gulf of Mexico. Countless farmers and ranchers depend on the river to cultivate their fields and quench the thirst of the land. This problem has persisted because there is not enough environmental education and a lack of government commitment and responsibility in promoting and offering projects for river cleanup. This presentation provides an introduction to this massive international project.

Bricia’s Bio: Dr Bricia ElAwar, who is Chair of The Initiative of Cleaning the Río Grande (El Río Bravo), has been deeply involved with Rotary. She is a member of Rotary Club San Bernardino Crossroad District 5330 and is its current Club International Chair 2021-22. Her past positions include Club Foundation Chair 2020-21, Club Vocational Chair 2019-20, Assistant Governor 2018-19, Club President 2017-18, and PETS (President Elect Training Seminar) Chair Partner Program 2018.

She was recognised as the Women Rotary Hero D5330 in 2016 and is a member of the Arch Klumph Society Level-4 Platinum Trustees Circle. She is an active member of RAGFP, WASRAG and ESRAG.

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}  August 18, 2021
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