Solar Safe Water Webinars

Solar Safe Water Webinars

Everything Starts with Clean Water,

however everything is interconnected, which means that water, climate, biodiversity, air pollution, health, hygiene and sanitation, and economy are strongly dependant of each other.

This project makes that very clear. By focusing on enabling access to warm and safe water for families with power from the sun, we also improve health, wealth and protect the environment.

Providing 1000 Solvatten Solar Safe Water Heaters to 1000 families would over the life-time:

  • produce 42,000,000 liters of hot and safe water
  • save 50,000 trees 
  • prevent 7,000 tonnes of green house gas emissions
  • reduce indoor air pollution 
  • help mothers and girls to
    • a better life with fewer sick days
    • more free time for school or paid work
    • improved equality
  • improve families wealth by saving 1,000,000 EUR in costs for fuels, healthcare and medicals

Just imagine if people with no access to purified water can secure safe water by using power from the sun!  Instead of burning biomass or fossil fuels, we achieve massive positive effects for people and the planet.
ESRAG and WASH-RAG invites YOU to support the transition to warm and safe water with power from the sun. Join the kickoff webinar to learn more.

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}  August 25, 2021
  Wednesday, 04:00 pm to 05:00 pm
n  Biodiversity, Climate, Featured Events, Food Security, Pollution, Sustainable Living, Webinars

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