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Carbon markets, carbon quotas, carbon credits, carbon taxes, carbon fee and dividend, climate income and carbon sequestration: what are the environmental effects of different economic schemes? Will society become sustainable once the CO2 emissions are reduced?

We need to move away from reducing the harm caused by previous innovation mistakes and start creating true value for customers, companies and nature. How can A Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development from Karl-Henrik Robert and Innovation Inspired by Nature help humans correct their impact on nature?

Nils Tore Skogland helps companies create strategies and build knowledge for truly sustainable value at Skogland.com. He has a degree in economics from the University of Bergen with a specialization in environmental and resource economics, and studied Disciplined Entrepreneurship from MIT at VIS Innovation – West Coast Innovation Company at Marineholmen in Bergen.

Nils Tore Skogland is a visiting lecturer at the master programs of NHH – Norwegian School of Economics in Bergen and Falmouth University in Cornwall – England. He teaches entrepreneurship programs and helps companies develop true values and sustainable business activities. He is chairman of the board of Blue Ocean Norway, assistant governor of Rotary International for Askøy, Bergen and Øygarden. He is the general manager of Pianoskole.no which has almost 80 piano students in Bergen.

Skogland has extensive experience with measures to reduce environmental problems and dissemination of solutions, as well as entrepreneurship, project development and implementation, financial management, administration, and website development. He has a background as general manager of Naturvernforbundet Hordaland / Friends of the Earth Hordaland in Bergen, consultant in Bergfald & co in Oslo, excursion manager at the University of Oslo, course leader with Adecco, IT instructor in Ajilon in Bergen, journalist and program manager for Radio Nova in Oslo, Studentradioen in Bergen and freelance journalist for ARD in Germany, section leader in Naturvernforbundet / Friends of the Earth Norway and organizational secretary Biodiversity Task Force – Life on Earth