ESRAG’s promotes environmental sustainability, awareness of
climate change, and actions to reduce greenhouse gas
emissions to mitigate climate disruption.

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The Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group assists Rotary clubs, districts and multi-districts in

  • planning and implementing service projects building awareness
  • building global and local networks
  • inspiring action for sustainable solutions
  • supporting Rotary International in environmental initiatives.

ESRAG’s projects are intended to  promote environmental sustainability, awareness of climate change, and actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to mitigate climate disruption.

This Rotary Action Group operates in accordance with Rotary International policy, but is not an agency of, or controlled by, Rotary International.

Anyone over 18 who is supportive of  our objectives of ESRAG is welcome to join the Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group. Youth under between the ages of 12-17 who are also members of the Rotary Family are welcome to join through affiliation with Climate Solutions Coalition program! 

  • Eligible for inclusion in ESRAG’s Directory of Members
  • Find partners and build solution networks
  • Develop expertise
  • Share your projects and get ideas
  • Contribute expertise
  • Membership in your Regional Chapter
  • Receive the ESRAG’s Newsletter and Newsbriefs
  • Have voting privileges on ESRAG matters
  • Serve on committees, working groups and ESRAG’s Board of Directors

Your membership dues are the sole source of support for ESRAG’s website and administration costs.  Annual dues are tax-deductible in the United States.  We are grateful for your support!

  • Regular:                                              US   $30/year
  • Contributing:                                    US $100/year
  • Rotaractor >18 yrs old:                   US  $15/year
  • Youth member – 12-17 years old    No dues  

Multi-year memberships dues are also available at the following levels.

  • Regular:                            US $ 125/5 years
  • Contributing:                   US $ 400/5 years

Please note:  Annual Membership dues are for a 12-month period on a rolling basis. Multi-year membership rates provide the best deal.  

Regional Chapters

ESRAG has established twelve Regional Chapters to support our work within Rotary on environmental sustainability issues,  associated with a particular geographic area. When ESRAG members meet and talk with each other in real time, we find new friendships, and surprising approaches to daunting issues.  The Regional Chapters foster these opportunities through regular online calls. 

ESRAG Committees and Working Groups

Please consider volunteering on one of  ESRAG’s Committees or Working Groups.  This is a great way to contribute to environmental sustainability.  We have need for all sorts of professional abilities and viewpoints.  We value your participation! 

Who is eligible to join ESRAG?

  • Any current or past member of the Rotary Family 18-years or older is eligible to join ESRAG.  This includes:
    • Current Interactors, Rotaractors, Rotary Community Corps members, Rotary Friendship Exchange participants, RYLA participants, Rotary Youth Exchange participants, Rotary Peace Fellows, Global Grant Scholars, Vocational Training Team members and leaders, District Grant Scholars, and New Generation Service Exchange participants.
    • Alumni and Former Interactors, Rotaractors, Rotary Youth Exchange participants, RYLA participants, Rotary Peace Fellows, Global Grant Scholars, Vocational Training Teams participants and leaders, District Grant Scholars, New Generation Service Exchange participants, and participants in former TRF programs such as Ambassadorial Scholars, Grants for University Teachers, Group Study Exchange, Rotary Volunteers, etc. 
  • How much are the ESRAG Annual Dues?
    • Multiple membership levels are available to accommodate individual circumstances.
    • You are free to pay membership dues at any of the following levels:
      • Regular Member:           US $   30/year
      • Contributing Member:   US $ 100/year
      • Rotaractor:                        US $ 15/year 
  • Are multi-year Memberships available?
    • You may pay 5-year membership dues at the following levels:
      • Regular Member:           US $ 125/5 years
      • Contributing Member:   US $ 400/5 years 
  • Why are there multiple membership dues levels?
    • Rotarian Action Groups are dependent upon membership dues to support their administrative costs.
    • ESRAG would like to be as inclusive as possible. 
  • What if I am eligible and active in environmental sustainable but not able to afford the annual dues?
    • ESRAG hopes to establish a program to subsidize membership where necessary with support of membership dues, local clubs and districts.  Please contact us if you need assistance. 
  • I thought I had already joined ESRAG.  Why do I need to register again?
    • Thank you for signing up as a charter and early member!  Thanks to you, the Rotarian Action Group was approved!
    • During our start-up phase, we were not able to obtain all of the information we need to submit our annual reports to Rotary International, nor were we able to collect dues.
    • We have now been approved with tax-exempt status in the United States.
    • Annual dues are what enable us to support ESRAG central costs, including website, legal fees, and teleconferencing to support exchange between local and global groups. 
  • Can I benefit from ESRAG without being a member?
  • What are the benefits of being a member of ESRAG?
    • Members may
      • Post your own projects and seek partners
      • Join ESRAG Regional Environmental Sustainability Forums
      • Receive support on project development
      • Ask for project advise based on Rotarians’ experience
      • Share your expertise
      • Contribute to local projects in a global forum 
  • How can I get more involved with ESRAG?

    Following the Rotary International model, there are many ways for ESRAG members to serve.

    • ESRAG needs volunteers to join the Board appointed working groups and committees that support ESRAG’s mission.  Click Here to submit your interest.
    • Share your expertise and experience with environmental sustainability projects.  Environmental sustainability is the product of many parts whose quality is incalculably greater than the simple sum of its parts.  Click Here if you are interested in sharing in interdisciplinary forums around complex environmental sustainability issues.
    • By joining ESRAG, you become a member of a Regional Chapter. Your Regional Chapter leader will send you a welcome email shoortly after you join and complete the Onboarding form.


Membership Form &
Dues Payment

Use the above form to become a new member of ESRAG and pay your dues. After you have paid your dues, we will contact you and ask that you then share more information about yourself.

Use the above form if you are a lapsed member. If you were a member long ago, but your membership is no longer current, please use this form.

If you are a current member and wondering when your membership expires, we will send you an email (to the email address we have on file) on your expiration date. For many of you, that will be around July 1. As of January 1, 2020, our annual membership year is based on a 12-month period starting on the day you join.

Please if you have any questions about your membership, or if you desire to change your email address with us.

Please consider our discounted five-year membership so as to not worry about renewing again in a year.

Other ways to take
action with ESRAG

Become a volunteer! Either on your own,
with a regional chapter, with your club
or your organization.

Donate to our programs

We have a number of programs both through ESRAG
and Rotary International that need your help.