Clari Nolet (USA)

Clari Nolet (USA)

Director, Incoming Chair 2023

Clari. Nolet has been working to bring attention to and recruit new members to ESRAG since the Atlanta RI convention.  She has worked on numerous projects supporting the environment, including Komba Safaris, Airfare Carbon Calculator Project for the Honolulu RI Convention and is working on the Carbon Offset Team to help assist Rotary Clubs become carbon neutral and support Rotary projects that reduce and mitigate carbon.  She helped write the white paper and one page memo that went to RI in support recommending the ESRAG website calculator to offset flights to the HI RI Convention.

Clari will be on the panel at the RI virtual convention on Greening Rotary Events: Be Plastic-free, Offset Carbon, and More!  She is currently providing information on how to develop carbon offset projects for ESRAG.  She is dedicated to helping Rotary and Rotarians to lead on taking action to address Climate Change, Reducing Waste and the Conservation of Resources.

It is Ms. Nolet's belief that in leading and embracing these actions we will interest not only a new generation in joining Rotary, but will attract new Rotarians dedicated to addressing environmental issues.    She studied Chemistry in College and has an MBA in Finance.  She currently works as a financial advisor (supports ESG and SRI investing) and supports ESRAG, Rotary and the Wildlife Conservation Network.

Clari is passionate about Rotary participating in the reduction of carbon through projects, white papers, carbon calculators and is also in support of the environment as an additional AOF for Global Grants.  She has been a member of the Los Altos Rotary Club in Northern California for over 10 years and would like to build strong interest in support of ESRAG and offsetting carbon by Northern California Rotary Clubs and beyond.   She has served on the LARC Board and as President of the Los Altos Rotary Endowment Fund.