Peter L. Moralée (UK)

Peter L. Moralée (UK)


Peter is one of three Rotarians who developed the “Rotarians for CO2 Reduction and Sustainability” formed in late 2007 under the name of “The CO2 Offset Trust”. The aims of the Trust were to combat the effects of climate change, achieving this by educating Rotarians and the general public about the causes and effects of climate change and then encouraging them to neutralize their CO2 emissions by making donations to the Trust. The donations were then to be invested in Rotary projects that remove or reduce CO2 emissions.

The CO2 Offset Trust then morphed into The Sustainability Trust (TST) in late 2009 with a wider remit to educate and encourage Rotarians to live their lives so that they had minimal detrimental effect on the Earth's resources and its ability to regenerate itself. Individual Rotarians, by setting an example, were encouraged through their Rotary clubs to actively inform their communities of ways they also could reduce their overall environmental impact.

In late 2016, The Sustainability Trust was subsumed into the Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group (ESRAG) and Peter was invited to participate in the development of ESRAG as Vice Chair at that time.  He was asked to take on the role of Chair in early 2018.

Peter is a Chartered Professional Engineer with over 30 years experience within the UK electricity industry (CEGB and National Power PLC) in various technical and managerial posts, and subsequently managed a major generating unit in the competitive private sector. He was latterly involved in project development leading to him being appointed to senior managerial and director positions overseas.  He has acted as a technical engineering consultant to numerous power projects in the UK, China, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Saudi Arabia and Iran; as Board Technical Director, Karaganda Power Company, Kazakhstan; and, most recently, as Board Technical Director of a renewable power development company in UK.